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Blood Queen
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Blood Queen

When the blood link is broken, the affected kuru takes 1 point of Intelligence damage and cannot be linked to again for 24 hours. This is a beautifully written book, moving effortlessly from vivid descriptions of the beauty of the highlands, to the bleak brutality of countless battlefields. The characters are finely drawn and heartbreakingly believable as lives and loves are lost in a seemingly endless cycle of bloody vendetta. However, I would argue with the overall structure of the novel. Although promoted as the story of Cora MacDuff , alternate chapters follow Lady Sibyll, the Danish-born wife of Duncan (Macbeth’s main adversary). Both women are strong and courageous and both are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure their sons inherit the throne. In theory, it makes perfect sense to explore the lives of Cora and Sibyll in parallel, but in practice, I found the constant switching from one camp to the other confusing and irritating.

This legend appeared in print for the first time in 1729, in the Jesuit scholar László Turóczi’s Tragica Historia, the first written account of the Báthory case. The story came into question in 1817 when the witness accounts were published for the first time. In his book Hungary and Transylvania, published in 1850, John Paget describes the supposed origins of Báthory’s blood-bathing, although his tale seems to be a fictionalized recitation of oral history from the area. It is difficult to know how accurate his account of events is. Sadistic pleasure is considered a far more plausible motive for Elizabeth Báthory’s crimes.

You should end up with 8 (or 16 on 25-man) vampires close to the end of the fight – and the death of even one of them will likely cause you to lack the DPS needed, so beware. The case of Elizabeth Báthory inspired numerous stories during the 18th and 19th centuries. The most common motif of these works was that of the countess bathing in her victims’ blood to retain beauty or youth.

Just eeked this out as a Frost DK as doing it in Blood was very difficult, I had nowhere near the DPS to kill her nor did I have the availability of an add to MC. I DPSd slowly until she gave me the buff, then used all my CDs including Army, trinkets, pillar of frost and went to town. I took a fair amount of damage, the odd Death Strike helped to mitigate it somewhat. I actually ran out of time and transformed, but my diseases took her last 44k in a few seconds, so it worked out. The airphase bloodbolts deal extra damage to people standing close together.

15 seconds into the fight she will bite a raider (the non-tank with the highest threat at the time), granting them Essence of the Blood Queen, and turning them into a vampire. The Essence grants 100% damage increase, self-healing equal to 15% of the damage done, and reduction of all threat to 0. However the debuff lasts only 75 seconds (60 seconds in 25-man). After it expires, the vampire is given another debuff – Frenzied Bloodthirst – which gives them the same Vampiric Bite ability Lana’thel used on them . When under the effect of the bloodthirst , the vampires need to bite somebody, or fall under the control of the Blood Queen and likely wipe the raid.

Biting a fellow (non-vampire) player will grant them Essence of the Blood Queen, as well as refresh the debuff to its full duration on the biter. So every 75 seconds after the first Vampiric Bite, the number of active vampires will double.

You DO NOT want to be standing by someone trying to pass off a vampire bite while blood bolts are raining down. By standing around for 5-10 seconds with frenzied bloodthirst, you can make this fight much easier. By giving yourself that extra time, when it comes time to bite the 3rd time, you will not have to do this in the middle of an air phase. Be sure to arrange the biting order if you have an arcane mage to easily trigger the first bite, and to include your best dps to be bitten earlier; save bloodlust / heroism for when 8 vampires are out to finish her off quickly. Any kuru linked to in this way must succeed at a DC 28 Will save or be forced to carry out the Blood Queen’s telepathic commands to the best of its ability. In addition, a linked kuru gains a +4 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution and is immune to mind-affecting effects. The blood link lasts for 1 minute or until the Blood Queen ends the effect .

For me, this disjointed format lessened the impact of an otherwise powerful and moving novel. Blood Queen is the first in a trilogy exploring the ‘real women’ behind Shakespeare’s most notorious queens, beginning with Lady Macbeth.

By having the DPS bite the closest vulnerable player you reduce the time spent finding a target, giving your vampires more time to do damage. Notice that when the vampirism engages Blood Craving all players that are not vampires have a large red blood droplet over their head, making it absurdly easy to bite one. Based on the story of Countess Bathory, a serial killer in 16th century Transylvania who supposedly killed hundreds. Yet, nobody knows of the terrible crimes being committed in the castle of the famous royalty. Young and unfortunate brother and sister, Misha and Aletta’s lives are lost in a downward spiral as they attempt to break free from the blood queen’s clutches.

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Name Blood Queen
Provider IronDog
Release Date 28.09.2017
RTP 96.07%
Variance MED
Jackpot 400000
Reels 5
Paylines 3

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