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Sometime before the movie began, Cyrus Grissom has committed murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion and other criminal acts. He had spent 25 years in jail as it started at the age of 14. He earned two degrees while in jail, murdered 11 inmates, instigated 3 riots and escaped lawful custody twice. He is first seen being boarded onto the Jailbird plane along with several other inmates. He often bragged that he had “killed more people than cancer”.

The inmates plan to land at Lerner Airport, an abandoned airstrip in the desert, and transfer onto another plane owned by Cindino and his cartel. Poe finds Pinball’s corpse trapped in the landing gear, writing a message to the U.S. Larkin learns of the news and heads out to Lerner after contacting the National Guard. Bedford, raiding the cargo, discovers Poe’s identity when he reads his parole letter and finds a toy bunny Poe intends to give to his daughter, forcing Poe to kill him. The plane arrives at Carson City and the inmate exchange commences, with the ground crew unaware that the hijackers are disguised as guards. As the transfer begins, most of the plane’s guards and the pilot are forced to pose as inmates and conveyed off the plane. Amongst the new passengers are Cindino, new pilot Earl “Swamp Thing” Williams, and serial killer Garland Greene, who is feared by many inmates.

Grissom’s goal is to take control of the plane, rendezvous with Cindino in Carson City, and escape to a non-specified South American country, free of extradition. If all went as planned, Cyrus and his gang would have lived in a country with no extradition charges. Upon discovering his plane being taken by his boss who betrayed him, Cyrus executes Cindino. When the Jailbird crashed into Las Vegas, Cyrus and 2 other inmates named Diamond Dog and Swamp Thing try to escape on a fire truck. In a scuffle on the truck, Poe handcuffs Cyrus to the ladder telling him that he will never get near his daughter Casey Poe then leaves him to die under a rock crusher, which falls on his head.

Grissom is introduced during a separatee transfer aboard the Jailbird, a prison plane. Marshal Vince Larkin as being thirty-nine years old and having spent twenty-five years incarcerated, during which he received enough education to earn two degrees, including a Juris Doctor. His prison activity also included killing eleven fellow inmates, inciting three riots, and two escapes.

The authorities discover the hijacking upon finding evidence in Grissom’s old cell and a tape recorder planted by Poe on one of the disguised guards, but are unable to stop the plane from taking off. Meanwhile, Pinball, sent by the inmates to dispose of the plane’s transponder to keep it from being detected, tries but fails to make it back to the hijacked plane. After taking off, affable inmate Joe “Pinball” Parker incites a riot as a distraction and releases Grissom and Diamond Dog, who lead the takeover of the plane. The hijacking inmates plot to land at Carson Airport as scheduled, pick up and transfer other prisoners, and then fly to a non-extradition country. Sims tries to take control of the plane but Grissom kills him. Poe and Grissom also foil Johnny 23’s rape attempts on the plane’s only female guard, Sally Bishop, due to Grissom’s vocal hatred of rapists.

The Jailbird is grounded at Lerner, with no sign of the transfer aircraft. Poe warns the other inmates of Cindino’s past acts of deceit and betrayal, and thus Grissom orders the others to fuel up the plane and get it ready for takeoff. Poe leaves to find Baby-O a syringe to give him insulin, meeting Larkin and informing him of the situation. The duo discover Cindino planning to escape on a hidden private jet, with Larkin sabotaging it as it takes off. Grissom executes Cindino by igniting the crashed plane’s fuel. Meanwhile, Johnny 23, assigned as the sentry in the control tower, spots a National Guard convoy approaching and gives the alarm. The inmates quickly find a cache of fully loaded shotguns and M-16 rifles in the plane’s cargo hold and prepare an ambush.

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Name Cyrus the Virus
Provider Yggdrasil
Release Date 01.05.2015
RTP 96.30%
Variance N/A
Jackpot 8000
Reels 5
Paylines 3

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