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Due to restrictions under the tier system, the BBPA predicted just 30m pints of beer will be sold in pubs this month. Despite restrictions, many tier two pubs have shared their joy at being able to reopen today. The lockdowns and restrictions have meant pubs have closed for long periods of time and then had to operate with strict measures in place when reopening. “These numbers illustrate the perilous situation our pubs find themselves in this Christmas.

A coalition of trade groups – including the British Institute of Innkeeping , the Campaign for Real Ale and the British Beer and Pub Association – have rallied together to raise awareness of pubs’ worth to MPs and the public. Some 3,635 pubs and 240 wine bars would be hit, the real estate adviser said. Six people from two households can meet indoors but this was not allowed straightaway. The areas of Shetland, Orkney and the Western Isles will be permitted from Friday 13 November. Level two​​ – pubs can serve alcohol indoors with a main meal until 8pm.

Whilst any restrictions are in place, additional financial support in terms of enhanced grants and trade compensation must be forthcoming. “Christmas should be a time where we can enjoy one another’s company in the pub round a warm fire and with a fresh pint in hand. Christmas sadly just won’t be the same this year without our pubs being able to open properly. The new restrictions are knocking the stuffing out of our Christmas trade. It truly is madness when you consider cinemas, theatres and sports venues can still open and serve alcohol.

The tier restrictions that have been unfairly placed on our pubs are killing them. “If it won’t, then it must deliver grant support in line with that of Scotland and Wales to ensure pubs like those in London facing tier two and potentially tier three restrictions can survive.”

“Our pubs are being unfairly targeted by the new tier restrictions. How is it that sports grounds and theatres in London can open, but not pubs? The Government has to stop picking on our pubs and recognise its own evidence that shows they are safe. Several pub operators toldThe Morning Advertiser ​ that they were frustrated pubs just miles away from them were permitted to trade in a lower tier. Placing the 32 London boroughs alongside areas in Essex and Hertfordshire into tier three means 4,469 pubs have to shut alongside 8,361 restaurants, 2,853 cafés , 1,744 hotels and guest houses, and 272 wine bars. A relative newcomer to the pub gaming world, beer pong was born out American College parties and drinking culture. From there it spread into bars and came over the pond with some pubs taking the initiative and introducing a beer pong playing area, often in a beer garden.

“For those pubs that are reopening, some fear they could close again as soon as this week because they expect trade to be so low. Operators complained that “controlled, supervised, well-run” pubs can not sell alcohol by itself under tier two measures while shopping centres had “no control”. Under tier two rules, pubs and restaurants can operate if they serve alcohol with a substantial meal but different households cannot mix indoors. In tier three, pubs would have to close and would only be allowed to operate takeaway services. Either the Government reduces these extreme restrictions, so pubs have a fighting chance of survival, or they recognise the damage they are doing to our pubs and provide them with the proper level of grants they need.” Its chief executive Emma McClarkin called on the Government to review the restrictions on pubs or offer more financial support to help them through the next few months.

Just 729 pubs will be able to reopen under the most relaxed tier one rules while 20,813 pubs fall under tier two measures. Some 16,010 pubs will not be permitted to reopen at all under tier three, according to real estate adviser Altus Group. Ray criticised the £1,000 grants announced for wet pubs and said much more needs to be done to support the pub and beer industry in the UK. “It is clear the meagre £1,000 one off payment for pubs this Christmas isn’t going to be anywhere near enough to save those who simply cannot open or are completely unviable because of Government restrictions.”

The aim of the game is to get a ping pong ball into an opponent’s cup, that is part of a rack of cups, at the end of the table. Upon doing this, this leaves the table, the first to remove all the cups from their opponent’s side wins. As young men, they were almost “the same man” – drinking partners who discovered the adult world of pubs together and fell in love with the same women, though Joe always had more luck. As adult life took them in different directions – Davy moving to England, Joe staying behind – they maintained a friendship, meeting up whenever Davy came home to drink and talk old times. Those meetings became less frequent as the years went by, though, and it seems to Davy that the two men have less and less in common. These are causes our members are passionate about; whether it’s promoting beer as the nation’s drink, or campaigning against increases to beer duty and businesses rates that are so damaging to community pubs.

Chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association , Emma McClarkin, said it was unfair that theatres and sports stadiums were subject to less stringent rules than pubs under the new tier system. Trade bodies have called on the Government to relax restrictions on pubs or provide a heftier package of financial support to see them through the winter. Night-time economy adviser for Greater Manchester Sacha Lord is among those calling for pubs to be allowed to reopen in the region, under tier two rules. The trade association has called on the Government to review and reduce the tier restrictions in place or provide a “full and proper grant support system” to help them survive the winter and reopen properly in 2021. The British Beer & Pub Association has analysed its beer sales volume survey, finding typically during December, pubs sell almost 300m pints of beer. Beer sales in pubs are expected to be 90% lower than ‘normal’ this month – a drop of 270m pints, one trade association has estimated.

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Name Down the Pub
Provider Playson
Release Date 15.12.2015
RTP 96.42%
Variance N/A
Jackpot 562500
Reels 5
Paylines 3

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