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The project has ticked over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone, and is continuing to grow throughout the country. The project has to date provided him with a nomination for the Corner Hotel Artist Of The Year award, a national tour in support of renowned rapper, Seth Sentry, high rotation on triple j and community radio nationally. Birdz’s smart metering solutions provide long-range connectivity and report usage data. Utility companies utilize the data to improve operational efficiency and customer service.

The film’s theatrical release was accompanied by a Toon Party short film, Summer Vacation, directed by Nicholas Stoller. The film premiered at the Regency Village Theater on June 2, 2018, and was released on June 8, 2018 in RealD 3D and IMAX by 20th Century Fox. Upon release, the film received mixed reviews from critics and grossed $483.2 million worldwide against its $80 million budget. is currently in the studio working on his second full-length album and is scheduled for release in the final quarter of 2020. This is how the creative process of ‘Bagi-la-m Bargan’ started,” Birdz said. Fresh out of the studio and working closely with renowned producers, Trials (A.B. Original) and J.

Mangohig, Birdz is currently preparing to release his latest project via Bad Apples Music in 2019. Butchulla hip hop artist Birdz gives the perspective of a young warrior witnessing Captain Cook’s arrival on his homelands in his new single “Bagi-la-m Bargan’. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause the actual results of Semtech Corporation to be materially different from the historical results and/or from any future results or outcomes expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. IoT networks based on the LoRaWAN® specification have been deployed in 100 countries and Semtech is a founding member of the LoRa Alliance®, the fastest growing IoT Alliance for Low Power Wide Area Network applications. “Smart metering is one of LoRa Technology’s most successful vertical markets due to its long range, low power capabilities. Implementing a smart metering infrastructure with LoRa Technology allows utility companies to collect data faster and more efficiently, streamlining the deployment of smarter, more sustainable solutions,” said Rémi Demerlé, Director of Utilities Market in Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group.

“Our costs have also reduced, as we no longer have to pay for licenses or equipment maintenance for that part of our infrastructure.” Reducing the processing time for data gathered from an IoT network can open up new possibilities. Birdz’s legacy system included a database that was no longer coping with the volumes of data required, and was costing a lot to maintain. “We realized that the money spent on the maintenance, upgrading, and licenses for our previous system was not cost effective, and that the answer was to move to the cloud,” says Geoffroy. On an industrial level, smart metering can not only help reduce costs, it can also serve as a safeguard against dangers to public health and safety.

In 2019, BIRDZ released his ‘Place Of Dreams’ EP, including world-class collaborations with Ecca Vandal and Mo’Ju, as well as production from Trials (A.B.Original). The project has since surpassed 900,000 streams on Spotify alone. After two years of work since his first single, Tuzeint has returned with an EP that sounds full of authenticity and pure expression titled23. Tuzeint has collaborated with artists such as Roche Musique’s Plage 84 and FKJ, and with just three songs released under Bludot Recordings (“Honey”, “Rest Will Shine” and “Break My Love”) he has reached more than 1.5 million streams. Thanks to migrating its data warehouse into the cloud, the processing time for data exports has been reduced from hours to minutes. “Before, the processing time was an hour or more. Now, it’s 3 minutes 40 seconds, and while the parameters of the reports for our customers are the same, it means we can focus more on improving our service and developing new products,” says Geoffroy.

“Thanks to our new data pipeline based around BigQuery, we are more resilient to any potential problems that could arise in the water supply network. We can work faster and therefore do more.” “A smart meter can be used simply to index volumes of water for easy billing. But it can also be used to detect all kinds of problems within a water supply network,” explains Geoffroy. A subsidiary of Nova Veolia, Birdz is a leader in the field of smart water metering services and other smart city solutions, such as energy and waste. Birdz premiered on June 23, 2018 at the Regency Village Theater, and was released in the United States on June 29, 2018 by 20th Century Fox in 3D, RealD 3D, IMAX 3D, and Dolby Cinema.

Birdz has announced it expects to deploy over three million LoRa-enabled smart water meters across France by the next decade. BIRDZ has solidified his spot as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian hip-hop scene. The N.T raised rapper has secured strong backing from a growing legion of fans, lending to the Butchulla emcee’s increasing popularity and support for his debut album release ‘Train of Thought’, released in August 2017 through Bad Apples Music. “Thanks to our new data pipeline based around BigQuery, we are more resilient to any potential problems that could arise in the water supply network. We can work faster and therefore do more,” says Geoffroy.

Born in Mexico, Enrique Toussaint is a 28-year-old singer, musician, and producer whose world flourishes around soul / jazz / r&b. The project was formally born in 2016 when he returned from living in Asia; Enrique started what he calls “a sacred search for himself through music.” In 2017 Tuzeint met Wet Baes, with whom he has been working in the studio ever since. “For example, Sfeir is running a course on BigQuery ML for our data science team, so we can develop more predictive approaches to water supply maintenance,” he continues.

“With machine learning, we will be able to do things like predict which water meters are likely to malfunction in the coming months, which is a potentially very important use case for us.” One of the key goals in moving to the cloud is also to develop a more DevOps mindset, in order to speed up system improvements, as well as improving internal skills. “There’s a lot of work to do in terms of industrializing our system of data production, but also educating our team. Sfeir has an important role to play in this respect,” says Geoffroy. To do that, working with Sfeir, Birdz built a data pipeline inputting the sensor data into Cloud Storage before streaming into Cloud Dataflow and BigQuery. “Before, the volume of data entering and leaving the database was too big and the number of requests was too high for it to cope, which was limiting our growth,” says Geoffroy. “Now, we analyze around 25TB of data a month in BigQuery without any constraints. We have 76 accounts configured feeding into the data pipeline, serving over 1.5 million sensors. Based on those exports we produce daily and weekly reports on the volume and status of the water.”

Formed in 2017 from a merger between two other subsidiaries, French company Birdz, a subsidiary of Nova Veolia, boasts 18 years of experience in smart water metering and has sold over 6 million modules. “We offer smart metering solutions that range from sensor development to monitoring, transmitting, and analyzing data,” says Geoffroy Duplessis, Deputy CIO at Birdz. “We have our own sensors and IoT network and also interface with other meters and low-power networks.” Birdz implements BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud Storage to build a data pipeline for its smart water metering services serving over 1.5 million sensors, reducing processing times. Birdz has released a powerful music video for his latest track ‘Bagi-la-m Bargan’ alongside his cousin Fred Leone. Birdz’s debut album ‘TRAIN OF THOUGHT’ was releasedin August 2017 through Bad Apples Music. His latest project “Place of Dreams” including world class collaborations with Mojo Juju, Ecca Vandal and Serina Pech was released in May 2019.

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Name Birdz
Provider Games Warehouse
Release Date 15.06.2015
RTP 95.42%
Variance LOW
Jackpot 90000
Reels 5
Paylines 3

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