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Michell invented various claims about archaeological evidence to suit his purpose. He viewed archaeologists as antagonists, seeing them as the personification of the modern materialism he was railing against. In most cases, the locations of these supposedly significant ancient sites were not dictated by any sort of unknown earth energies but by practical matters such as access to the building materials.

It is a known fact that spirits interfere with electricity which of course is energy also. By studying ley lines you can find the best place to live where the energy feels right. I have heard people say that they are not happy and have not felt well in certain towns and yet somewhere else they are totally at ease. There are many many sensitive people these days who can feel the energy from the ley lines and along them for they run from Scotland to Lands End. This energy can be shown by using the divining rod or a pendulum. Pagans held rituals at certain places and some of these places are right slap bang in the middle of a ley line because they knew the energy was strong there.

Looking back on the book’s reception in 2000, Williamson noted that “archaeologists weren’t particularly interested, and ley-line people were hostile”. Michell repeated his beliefs in his 1969 book The View Over Atlantis. Hutton described it as “almost the founding document of the modern earth mysteries movement”.

It was only in the 1980s that professional archaeologists in Britain began to engage with the ley hunting movement. In 1983, Ley Lines in Question, a book written by the archaeologists Tom Williamson and Liz Bellamy, was published. In this work, Williamson and Bellamy considered and tackled the evidence that ley lines exponents had amassed in support of their beliefs. As part of their book, they examined the example of the West Penwith district that Michell had set out as a challenge to archaeologists during the previous decade. They highlighted that the British landscape was so highly covered in historic monuments that it was statistically unlikely that any straight line could be drawn across the landscape without passing through several such sites. They also demonstrated that ley hunters had often claimed that certain markers were Neolithic, and thus roughly contemporary with each other, when often they were of widely different dates, such as being Iron Age or medieval. The overall message of Williamson and Bellamy’s book was that the idea of leys, as it was being presented by Earth Mysteries proponents, had no basis in empirical reality.

Furthermore, many of these places are natural features, such as Mount Everest and Ayers Rock; no one built or placed those locations there based on knowledge of earth energy lines. It is a known fact that the prehistoric circles of this island follow a path, where the stone circle has been built, there is the culmination of energy which was used by the ancient people.

Here he interpreted ley lines by reference to the Chinese concept of lung mei energy lines. He proposed that an advanced ancient society that had once covered much of the world had established ley lines across the landscape to harness this lung mei energy. Translating these lung mei as “dragon paths”, he reinterpreted tales from English mythology and folklore in which heroes killed dragons so that the dragon-slayers became the villains.

In our physical bodies we have veins where our blood is taken round our body. With the earth the ley lines pass up and down the country carrying magnetic energy. The ancient peoples knew of this and animals are also aware. At certain points these ley lines cross and this causes a powerful surge of earth energy. Spiritual activity does happen a lot where ever these ley lines pass through because of the energy given off.

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Name Dragon Lines
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Release Date 15.12.2015
RTP 94.30%
Variance MED
Jackpot 1000000
Reels 5
Paylines 3

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