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You should see a few barrels and crates, roll through them and jump down. After killing the Mimic and looting the chest, proceed onward. Starting at the first bonfire, head up the stairs and defeat the first Drakekeeper.

These mysterious Word Walls will grant the player one word of a Shout, and we’ll be listing the Words of the Shouts that you can expect to find at each individual Dragon Shrine. It isn’t, you do not need to kill the dragonbros. The only enemies you have to kill are the Drakekeepers, it’s just if you don’t kill them that the dragonbros will attack you.

Proceed up the path to find a platform with two large knights on it. From here you have two options, kill them then proceed through the doorway, or go left and jump down where all the boxes are. Be cautious as the right most chest is actually a mimic. Kill it, get the items, then proceed through the tunnel down here to find another chamber with a large knight guarding the door.

There will be a chest here including a Twinkling Titanite, take it then “convince” the Dark Priestess to stop spamming miracles at you. From the circular platform you can jump to another platform with a chest that contains the Drakekeeper’s Greataxe and Drakekeeper’s Greatshield.

Right behind him there should be a few barrels and crates, hiding a Pharros’ Contraption. Activate it to reveal a chest containing the Judgment Set and the Staff of Wisdom. To the right of him, there should be an area with a chest . After clearing this are, walk up the stairs behind him and confront the greathammer wielding Drakekeeper. Defeat him and turn left, walk up the stairs and kill the Drakekeeper there.

He can be a real pain, but take him out, grab the item off to the side then proceed through the door. Proceed up the stairs to find another knight, this time with a club. Dispatch him then go left through the columns and up the stairs. It will loop around and then outside where you will find a knight with a sword. Kill him then open the chest, then proceed across the way to kill the mage and get the item from the corpse. From here, jump across to reach another chest, then jump down to the walkway.

The Word Wall located at Autumnwatch Tower will give you one word of the Marked for Death Shout. In this guide, we’ll be detailing the location of every Skyrim Dragon Shrine in the vast open world, where you can always be certain to find a dragon, as well as a Word Wall.

To exit this room, walk through the windows on the right, but don’t jump right away, as there is a chest on the left. The Dragon Shrine is considered the last area in the game as listed by the Bonfires. It is a smaller zone, filled with large armored creatures and knights in golden dragon armor. At its peak is a giant dragon who overlooks the entire area. Jump down from the platform and walk up the stairs. After killing them, look back to the area above the stairs you just climbed.

Follow the stairs up and you will reach a chamber with an item at the far end. There will also be a red phantom here, one that is quite aggressive so be prepared for a tough battle. After killing him, approach the alter to get the Petrified Dragon Egg. This can be taken to the merchant in the Iron Keep to join the Dragon Remnants covenant.

Behind another door, you will see another flight of stairs. After killing them, you will have to face very fast warriors. Then, another pair of knights and another warrior. The key to success here is to fight each one of them separately. If you do return to this area again later to try the Ancient Dragon boss fight, the Dragon Warriors will not attack you unless you do so first. The big armored knights however will still come after you, so proceed with caution. If you happen to summon another player into the area of your game, the Dragon Warriors will attack you both on sight.

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Name Dragon Shrine
Provider Quickspin
Release Date 12.10.2016
RTP 96.55%
Variance MED
Jackpot 800
Reels 3-4-4-4-3

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