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Despite my weird kiwi accent, I know she’s done justice to the characters. I hope you enjoy listening to Riders of Fire. Now you can enjoy your favorite series out walking, doing housework or working, anywhere at any time. Rumor has it that she’s writing books of her own, but not about dragons.

Hey, it doesn’t always have to be about dragons! Sea Dragon launches in 20 days, so grab your pre-order now.

Ithsar, the Robandi assassin, applauds you! I recently published a request for names for some minor characters in my latest novel, Sea Dragon, Riders of Fire book 6. I was thrilled when I received 1005 suggestions! I love your enthusiasm, your willingness to be part of my writing world, and the brilliant names you come up with.

If you haven’t read the rest of the series you can start with either the Riders of Fire books 1-3 box set, or jump right into the Riders of Fire series if you’d like the individual books. These are shorter stories about how many of the dragons and riders found each other. I hope to expand on this series as time permits. Riders of Fire Dragon Masters is an exciting new series that features the events leading up to Ezaara’s birth. Some of these books were originally planned as books 7-9 of the Riders of Fire series, however, new readers may like to read these adventures in chronological order. Splitting out the prequels into a separate series allows people to do this.

You won’t want to stop listening once you start. You cannot help but become a part of the fantasy world of these dragons! The different twists and turns in this book had my emotions ALL over the place! In fact at one point while driving in the car and listening to this story unfold; I was so enthralled that I had to pull over and find out the outcome of one certain part of this book. I COULD NOT LEAVE the parking lot that I ended up in until that “holy crap did that just happen” moment passed and I could actually focus on the road. I was drawn into a magical realm – a Dragons Realm – in Tessa Dawn’s latest audiobook.

I wish I had more characters and dragons for them. At the beginning of the book women have no choice in anything and is meant to just be blindly serving these dragons, the dragons are cold and to honest cruel to all. I found this very hard to keep reading because it was so over the top with the way the women was treated. Here are the lovely EFFY nomination badges that you managed to get for my books. It’s great to have such loyal readers who are enjoying Riders of Fire. As you can imagine, Caitlin and I have had fun with my pronunciation guide.

I created MP3 files, using my fantastic New Zealand accent to pronounce all the fantasy names in the series. It’s been great emailing each other and gaining insight into the narration process. Seeing Caitlin discover Dragons’ Realm and our courageous dragon riders and dragons was fun. It was quite an adventure, especially my rendition of growly, snarly tharuks, some of whom only speak broken English.

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Name Dragons Realm
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Release Date 15.06.2012
RTP 96%
Variance HIGH
Jackpot 540000
Reels 5
Paylines 3

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