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Overall, this is a well rounded book, not necessarily easy going reading, but it will invoke a range of emotions in the reader. Just don’t expect it to be a novelisation of the film. With the amount of mystery, it’s hard to deny that there’s some pacing issues. The first episode only sets up the general concept of the series while the majority of the remaining ones mostly adapts a non-linear story.

The two are hardly alike but does manage their time together to solve cases. Other prominent characters includes Yuriko, a girl who attends the same school as Shoutarou and sometimes also gets involved with mystery cases. Most of the other characters that we see in the show plays a supporting role that includes a teacher, police officer, or even a family dog.

The rape of the protagonist is only implied in the film, but described vividly in the book, alongside the violent and deviant nature and feelings of the murderer. The book also explores in far greater detail the change in the relationship between the other family members after the murder. Alice Sebold has a beautiful style of narrative prose that at times conflicts and yet counterpoints effectively the dark subject matter. Some it is perhaps a little schamltzy but is never trite. I liked the film, and reading the book has not changed that, but I like the book better.

I saw the Peter Jackson movie first, which was beautifully stylish, and this led me to purchase the book on which it was based. For those who have only seen the film, while it is faithful to the novel in many ways, it also differs significantly in others. Jackson developed some of the characters, particularly Ruth and Holly, quite differently to how they were originally written. There is a stronger element of violence, particularly sexual violence, in the book that was downplayed in the film.

However, it still offers enough thoughtful mystery-thriller to hook the audience. This is because every mystery involves bones and as each bone is different, there’s a diverse range of ways the series takes interest about itself. Sakurako’s interest about bones is also highlighted easily with her fascination.

She’s the type of woman with a level headed coolness and possesses an intimidating intellect. On the other hand, Shoutarou is more of the typical schoolboy who tries to make a difference.

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Name Beautiful Bones
Provider Microgaming
Release Date 07.06.2017
RTP 96.55%
Variance MED
Jackpot 15000
Reels 5
Paylines 3

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